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Physical Analysis25 mins

We offer a free 25 minutes consultation and analyze your posture and musculoskeletal balance then they can guide you to the appropriate treatments or services and what program would suit your as an individual.

Physiotherapy 30 mins / 50 mins

We treat a wide range of conditions, ranging from lower back and neck/shoulder problems to sports injuries and pains in arms and legs. Some problems are related to long working hours and poor posture, which strain the spine. We treat a full complement of sports injuries for both amateur and professional athletes. With many years’ experience in private physiotherapy practice specializing in sports injuries and work-related conditions we cater for all age groups.

Therapeutic Massage30 mins / 50 mins

Therapeutic Massage has been created to loosen up the tight muscle in both upper and lower body. Our physiotherapists may recommend a deep tissue massage combine with special techniques for join and nerve tissue mobilization to deeply affected problem areas. This massage will leave you more flexible with less pain and tension. It is a great massage for those who stress, work at computer too much and don’t relax well.
Back, Neck & Shoulder50 mins
Back & Lower Body50 mins

Deep Tissue Massage80 mins

Deep Tissue Massage is used to release chronic patterns of muscular tension using slow strokes, direct pressure or friction usually across the grain of the muscles (cross fiber) using the fingers, thumbs or elbow. Deep tissue massage works with sore muscles and aches and pains, bringing more blood and oxygen to the tissue, which helps speed healing and relieves tightness and dysfunction. Deep Tissue Massage doesn’t necessary mean “hard” with the proper technique, muscles deep in the body can be reached with a minimum of pressure. At all times the client response will control the pressure and comfort level.

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