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Absolute Facial Collagen80 mins

The firming effective treatment that applies pure collagen to the skin in order to tighten up the complexion, and decrease fatigues plus stimulates the blood circulation.

Miracle Caviar Anti Aging80 mins

The miracle anti-aging facial treatment that pampers your complexion through 10 steps of masking process with special film that could perfectly store pure caviar extract and rich with Escutox which is one of the best rejuvenating secret substances that enhance the skin oxygenation and collagen function. The vivid result is shown through smooth and healthy glowing skin minus any botox appliance.

Soul Delight Wheat-Germ Scrub50 mins

A revitalizing exfoliation with wheat germ and jojoba oil combines together. Deeply nourish and hydrate the skin, the treatment leaves the complexion silky smooth.

Muscle Tone Up Treatment 50 mins

An Effective program to tighten up your muscle. The treatment begins with a massage to promote muscle elasticity, following by ultrasonic appliance which is stimulate firmer body. To tighten and more toned muscle, exercise is advised after the treatment is completed.

Cleopatra’s treatment80 mins

This special program kicks off with the body scrub by purest sea salt exfoliate the skin. The next relax step is the signature milk and honey wrap which nurture the skin which nature the skin with natural substance. Ending with lotion to massage the whole body, the skin is refreshed and renewed.

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