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Singing Bowl (sound therapy)50 mins

Singing Bowl Treatment actives the singing bowl practice from Tibet to transport your mind to a deep relaxation. Sound therapy is an effective and proven modality that uses the vibration of the sound wave to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace to pursue well-being and a better health. Head and scalp massage through the horizontal line of the skull are also being featured in this treatment for an utmost stress-free result that brings you back to nature in just one session.

De-stress Massage80 mins

A focused deep tissue massage with hot lava stone is applied to release blocked areas of the body. This massage deeply stretches the muscle, helps to restore energy flow, balance to the body and mind, rejuvenate and de-stress while improving overall vitality.

Aroma Massage50 mins

An ancient art using the pure, natural, therapeutic powers of essential oils of plants and flowers to soothes nervous tension to bring back harmony to both mind and body.

Hot Lava Tension Release50 mins

This treatment is suitable for those who are suffering from headache or stress at work. Utilising Hot Lava Stone to press on the muscles, focusing particularly on neck and shoulders, will facilitate blood circulation flowing to the brain and balance lymphatic system of neck and shoulder movement. In addition, facial acupuncture, together with other 28 substantial spots over the head, increases oxygen in the brain, removes toxin remained under skull skin, and relieves stomachache as well as muscle fatigue. You will feel miraculously relaxed after this treatment.

Zense of Joy Milk Bath20 mins

Indulge your body with the fortifying benefits of protein-rich milk, a soothing and gentle treatment for skin that produces lavish bubbles and noticeably softer skin. An age method for relaxation, our milk bath will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.

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