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Body Balance80 mins

A restorative full body massage that improves deep layer of muscle balance. The techniques used in this massage create a prolong state of reducedmuscular tension by applying muscle compression to stimulate the meridian lines which enhance flexibility and muscle function. This massage also eliminates toxin and promotes circulation. This is best alternative for bringing back harmony to both body and mind.

Thai Prakob10 mins

The heated Luk Prakob is healing chronic tension, muscle soreness; bruising and inflammation also draw out toxins and promote circulation.

Hot Volcanic Oil Journey80 mins

A full body massage with warm aroma oil on Hot Stone Bed delivers the ultimate deep relaxation. It is also an excellent treatment for reducing stress, creating body balance and detoxifying the toxins as well as promoting blood circulation plus freshen up the spirit.

Bio-Ceramic Gloves 50 mins

Silky smooth and moisturised hands is the result after using infrared bio-ceramic gloves, which carbon fibres are heated and turned into ceramic, delivering infrared radiation. Furthermore, the radiation from the gloves improves blood circulation and lymphatic system, enhances oxygen level and white blood cell in the blood, stimulates collagen production in the body, and helps pursues better cardiovascular and immune system as well as metabolism.

CPM Rejuvenate & Age Defying Facial50 mins

The latest innovation, Cellular Physiologic Modulation, is the first and only technology which naturally rehabilitates skin cell without any skin deterioration or side effects. Cellular Physiologic Modulation stimulates and revitalises skin from cell level, eliminating deep wrinkles and toning skin. First-time user will certainly feel the renewed lustrous skin.

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