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Chi Nei Tsang50 mins

This treatment endures the Chinese ancient massage around abdominal area to stimulate the efficient system of intestine, liver, kidney, spleen, and stomach. Furthermore, this massage also pursues a perfect digestive process, reduces gas and menstruation suffering, enhances the lymphatic flow, cures backache and stomach stiffness, as well as effectively mends stressful mind. After undergo the treatment, you will feel ultra light and fresh; both body and mind.

Zen Na Tai50 mins

Zen Na Tai is an ancient therapeutic medical massage treatment that works through the abdominal area – the center of chi or energy flow in the body, and chest area for improving digestion and breathing qualities. Head and scalp are also treated to release cranial tension and improving concentration. This treatment stimulates the lymphatic flow, detoxifying the body to get rid of toxins and negativity in order to bring comfort and relief to the abdomen, induce the deeper state of relaxation and peaceful mind.

Zen de Zense with (Green Tea)50 mins

Detox your complexion with the delightful green tea body scrub and wrap that help exfoliating and rejuvenating the skin. Green tea is known for its antioxidant benefits which are best for skin-healing and detoxifying complexion. Apart from that, it also restore the strength and elasticity of the skin while smoothen it up, stimulating the collagen production as well as restore the DNA structure at the cell. Wrap up the treatment with hot green tea which is signature to Zense of Joy.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (Facial & Body)50 mins

The productive massage that stimulates lymphatic gland and drainage is to improve body excretion and immune system, eliminates feces from blood vessels and skin, as well as eases greasy acid absorption by discharge through the circulatory system. Moreover, the massage helps the detoxification and cellulite reduction as well as soothes stress, migraine and exhaustion. Your body will be balanced, rejuvenated and relaxed, inducing healthy sleep and radiant skin.

Lava Deep Relaxation80 mins

A perfect combination of deep tissue massage with hot lava stone is applied to release aches and tension. This massage gently stretches the muscle, and use pressure to stimulate the nerve meridians of the body. This technique also helps to restore energy flow and balance to the body and mind as well as heal the ache and muscle soreness prior and after exercise session.

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