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Singing Bowl (sound therapy)50 mins

Singing Bowl Treatment actives the singing bowl practice from Tibet to transport your mind to a deep relaxation. Sound therapy is an effective and proven modality that uses the vibration of the sound wave to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace to pursue well-being and a better health. Head and scalp massage through the horizontal line of the skull are also being featured in this treatment for an utmost stress-free result that brings you back to nature in just one session.

Lava Deep Relaxation80 mins

A perfect combination of deep tissue massage with hot lava stone is applied to release aches and tension. This massage gently stretches the muscle, and use pressure to stimulate the nerve meridians of the body. This technique also helps to restore energy flow and balance to the body and mind.

Hot Volcanic Oil Journey80 mins

A full body massage with warm aroma oil on Hot Stone Bed delivers the ultimate deep relaxation. It is also an excellent treatment for reducing stress, creating body balance and detoxifying the toxins as well as promoting circulation.

Bust Firming Treatment50 mins

Lifting bust treatment will helps tone, firm and contour the natural curves of the bust area and also helps to combat the appearance of a sagging bust line. A special bust firming cream with Laminaria seaweed helps to improve elasticity, increase circulation while creating a firmer more toned breast.

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