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Cell-U-Later110 mins

Bid adieu to the extra cellulite with this treatment, starting with a gentle scrub with the purest marine scrub to exfoliate the skin, while the seaweed mask reducing the appearance of extra fat. A final application of the slimming massage cream ends the treatment, immediate results for an intense refining and reshaping action and help you look slimmer after treatment.

Ultimate Slimming Massage50 mins

A programme to reduce the appearance of dimples and extra fat begins with the special-designed massage firms the skin and reduces dimpling while creating a healthy skin sensation.

Shapin ‘U110 mins

An intensive slimming massage technique on hot stone bed helps eliminate excess fat and reshape body. The heat wave from hot stone bed creates perspiring glands, tissues and cells to vibrate, thus increasing fat metabolism giving the body shaper and slimmer appearance.

Delta T. Body Slimming

Delta T. body slimming engages Radio Frequency to successfully eliminate cellulite, reshape and make your body slim through natural burning of fatty tissues. This treatment is also improve blood circulation and encouraged smoother skin offering you tighter and firmer body. The treatment can continuously treat every week.

NARL Slim Fast

A la carte body and face slimming program applies NARL which is the world’s first scientifically proven lipolysis technique through a safe and non-invasive ultrasound technology. NARL is effective on all kind of fat, including cellulite subcutaneous and visceral fats. *To achieve local and long lasting fat loss, exercise or any substitute effective is needed after NARL treatment to enhance body metabolism.

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